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Seeking a Russian partner on the ground? Need assistance from a local expert? Need executive level assistance with a regional launch or investment in the region?

We are now able to assist business in any number of verticals and industries seeking to establish themselves in the Russian market or seeking business opportunities in the region through our ‘Man Friday Russia‘ service. A unique opportunity to work with a cantankerous Scot and leading figure in the Russian international business scene, John Bonar.

With a comprehensive bilateral network of high-level contacts, notorious Russian bureaucracy can be made significantly less cumbersome. As your man on the ground in Russia, John can engage in negotiations on your behalf as has been done for other clients.

Successful negotiations for clients have been completed in both the UK and Russia to facilitate successful investment of British business in the former CIS. Lobbying for clients with Members of Parliament, negotiating with the UK Ministry of Defence, facilitating introductions with the UK Trade Representative to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and brokering agreements between multi-national companies are all in a days work.

Talking about Johns ability to provide the Man Friday Russia service, CEO, Keith Hilden said:

“Within a matter of mere weeks, John was able to pave the way for opening a representative office in the Vladivostok region for Relex. He has also initiated contacts in the Kaluga Region of Western Russia to establish a tourism hub for development purposes. In addition, by so doing, and with additional engagements in the Vladivostok region, has also pioneered Relex future participation in blockchain education in Russia.

Whether it be with successful negotiation with the UK Ministry of Defense, or its Russian business and government tier counterparts, his bilateral network of high-level contacts linking the West with East has enabled him to cut through the notorious Russian bureaucracy, and better facilitate business ties with Western nations.

In terms of capability and posture, John is a true Swiss army knife, with the neutral multifaceted ability to cut through international challenges in multiple industries like a proverbial knife through butter.”

To learn how you can gain competitive advantage from having John on your team visit ‘Man Friday Russia

Manfriday Russia

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