John Bonar visits Crimea Conference

John Bonar at the Crimea Conference

John Bonar visited Crimea back in November 2017, whilst there he attended the Friends of Crimea Conference, this article is a review of his panel discussion published in the Crimean press.

He told us about his impressions.

The word “Crimea” in Britain causes a lot of sentiment, an explosion in the minds of people. They believe that the peninsula was annexed by Russia against the will of the people.

What did I see in these few days? This is not only the speeches at the conference, I saw the life of the Crimeans with my own eyes. I walked along the embankment of Yalta, talking with ordinary people, townspeople.

I came to the conclusion that people are united in their opinion, they are united in their aspirations. I believe that being here I can understand the essence of the issue, the reasons why people made such a choice and I can bring this knowledge to the parliament. Summarizing my speech, I want to say that Crimea has always been Russian, it remains for them and has a Russian perspective.

This article was initially published in Russian on Conference Crimea.

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