Vostok Group talk to HRH Prince Michael

John Bonar and Oxana Romanchuk talk to HRH Prince Michael

John Bonar, founder and director of Vostok Projects LLC in Vladivostok, Russia and Oxana Romanchuk, adviser to Yes-to-Business Ltd had an opportunity to tell H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent about the company’s development plans in Vladivostok when the three met in London in December at the Russo British Chamber of Commerce Christmas event.

Vostok Projects LLC, an associate company of Yes-to-Business Ltd in the UK, was established in July 2018 and is now engaged in the legal process to develop three real estate projects in the Vladivostok area. These are a 25-storey waterfront condominium and hotel complex in the city centre, a 70-home executive housing estate in a seaside northern suburb of the city and a secure estate of 40 large homes each set in 10,000 sq m of private garden on a seaside side close to the Primorye Integrated Leisure Zone where Russia’s largest casino, Tigre de Crystal; operates.

Mr. Bonar and HRH agreed to continue discussions in 2019 regarding the availability of HRH to visit Vladivostok and open one or more of the projects.

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