David Hall Ph.D. Brand Director

Our Brand Director David defines his role as John's aide-de-camp.
David Hall Ph.D., Brand Director,
David Hall Ph.D., Brand Director​
A ‘serial-salesman’ who never held that job title but always saw himself as just that.

David began his career accidentally; as a Day-Boy at an English Public School (8 public Schools in England. only) he decided to put on a ‘Dance’ where girls from a Fee Paying High School could meet Boarders from his boys school. Such was the success that David was able to pay his elder brother’s Mess Bill (being a junior Officer). This ‘Dance’ grew in weeks to a successful business. In order to complete his education, David needed a CEO, to run the business, whilst he went off to Oxford University.

With the use of a small stately home he was able to recruit an outstanding CEO. a Retired Air Marshall brought measurable improvements where David had only managed. David came to learn: “if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist!’ Live Music Promotion parlayed into a chain of pubs.

After divorce David moved into the In House Discotheque Business, building disco’s onto International 5 star+ or Leading Hotels of the World, eventually opening on every continent. These Nigh Clubs or Discotheques were turn-key operations handed over to Hotels, on completion. They still exist and without exception all are recognised as the most prestigious in their cities.

David undertook many external contracts to oversee specific marketing challenges, in all cases- on behalf of International PLC’s. Best known was Amadeus, the dominant online airline reservation service. David became unwell, after having two brain tumours removed (two life saving operations on different occasions) he celebrated his survival by founding the worlds leading Mentor Charity Big Brothers Big Sisters, in countries world wide; it only existed in Canada & the US previously. David describes this unpaid work of: Proselytising mentors, as his life’s indulgence.

Divorced with one adult son and one granddaughter he lives in Dulwich SE London. David now knowing the term mentor is accepted & abused (business mentor an oxymoron) world-wide. he became excited by initiatives instigated by John Bonar.  David sees his job as John’s: aide-de-camp.

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