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With a team on the ground in the UK and Russia, we are able to deliver a personalised end-to-end service.

Providing A Holistic Approach To Your Russian Success​

John Bonar can help you navigate the complexities of doing business in Russia. In spite of the fact the Russo-British political climate is currently in a state of turmoil, the massive economic opportunity is impossible to ignore. Compared to other emerging markets, like Brazil or Nigeria,  Russia can be seen as the far more attractive option. Not solely because of its massive working population, high levels of education, public and private spending capacity, it also has an incredibly strong resource base. 

What John can assure you is that Russian business and consumers recognises those international suppliers, partners, friends and business that stand by Russia in the tough times and a long term strategy leads to rich rewards. This can be attested to by John Bonar and many other ex-pat business that remained in Russia after the 1998 crisis. 2018 can be seen to offer similar opportunities.


Regulatory Support

Ensure compliance and award winning market entry.

Establish Trade Relations

Working with existing contacts or our extensive network.

Local Partners

Source, establish and vet local partners and opportunities.

Business strategy

Bringing 20 years experience in the local market.

Territory Oversight

Utilise our local knowledge and on the ground support.

Time management

Faster time to market and rapid reduction of red tape.



You need a partner you can trust, on the ground, one with well established local contacts and respected in the local community.

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Russia offers unbounded opportunities, however it can be a complex operation establishing a foothold. We can help with the details.



From basic good manners through to local and regional legal compliance , we have you covered. From executive overview to minutiae.

Regularly featured on International Media

BBC World Service, BBC Radio, Russia Today and many others have called on John Bonar for insight, commentary and analysis on Russo-British Affairs, Russian Politics and Business. As a seasoned professional journalist Sky News and BBC News have entrusted John with live interview segments.

John has an extensive network of contacts across Russia and the CIS across business, government and NGO’s. From the arts to media, marketing and advertising. Contacts at the highest levels of academia, innovative healthcare professionals, scientists, physicists and those in the arts.

Whatever your field of expertise, if you are looking east to Russia, John is your man.

What People Say about John Bonar

Cited as an authoritative expert in the markets of CIS countries. John can be found quoted and referenced by The Economist, The Times, The Independent, Russia Today as well as cited in dozens of books from ‘Emerging Markets and the World Patent Order’ to O’Reilly’s ‘Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld’. 

Since 2012 organisations like the “British American Security Information Council” (funded in part by Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) have extensively quoted and cited John Bonar on matters relating to business and geo-politics in Russia and matters relating to Russo-British Affairs.

The Sunday Times

Senior Correspondent: Andrew Gilligan, Nov 2017

As Deputy Chairman of the Russia Westminster Forum, John Bonar was named one of "Russia’s closest British friends"

Chief Executive Officer: Keith Hilden, June 2018

Within a matter of mere weeks, John was able to pave the way for opening a representative office in the Vladivostok region for Relex. He has also initiated contacts in the Kaluga Region of Western Russia to establish a tourism hub for development purposes. In addition, by so doing, and with additional engagements in the Vladivostok region, has also pioneered Relex future participation in blockchain education in Russia. Whether it be with successful negotiation with the UK Ministry of Defense, or its Russian business and government tier counterparts, his bilateral network of high-level contacts linking the West with East has enabled him to cut through the notorious Russian bureaucracy, and better facilitate business ties with Western nations. In terms of capability and posture, John is a true Swiss army knife, with the neutral multifaceted ability to cut through international challenges in multiple industries like a proverbial knife through butter.

Would you like John & his team working for you?

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