The Vostok Group is a family of companies, separate and individual. The common connection is John Bonar as founder​.
Photo: John Bonar lobbying Right Hon. Emily Thornbury MP, Nov 2018


Vostok Marketing Limited was founded early in 2019 by John Bonar who has spent most of his working life in emerging markets from Libya in 1969 to the Russian far east in 2017. Along the way he spent time in Jordan, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Greece, Malaysia and the Baltics.

John was a journalist and editor working at times for the London Observer, The Sunday Times, Springers Auslands Dienst (Die Welt and Bild), The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, the BBC and ABC News. In Russia where he lived from 1995 through 2009 he was first of all, an adviser to the Moskovski Novosti media group, then publisher of Marketing Russia magazine and then developed Business Special Report.

Since 2009 he has lived in the UK but visited Russia and the CIS frequently.


To develop business between established markets and the countries of the emerging market where economic growth and investment opacity offers high yield.

John Bonar, CEO, a 70-year old Scot born in Edinburgh, whose heart still stirs at the skirl of the pipes, affects the image of a traditionally taciturn Scotsman but the twinkle in his eye betrays a mischievous inner soul. After a lifetime in media and marketing he is now driving Yes-to-Business in directions where he sees opportunity in emerging markets.

As well as his role as CEO of the Vostok Group of Companies John is an avid enthusiast of blockchain investment  technology and the opportunity for the investor and developer verticals.As founder John includes Vostok LLC and Vostok Projects LLC both in Vladivostok, Russia and Vostok Capital plc,  in Hong Kong as part of his group of business.

In his role as advocate for Russian Crimea, John is President, Crimea First – UK Friends of Crimea and a Member of the Coordinating Committee of International Friends of Crimea, Moscow, Russia.

“Block chain and crypto-currencies are a key element in the digital economy which is the way of the future. This is the key to swift, cross-border transactions and so long as they are backed by real assets then there are no bubbles...With current blockchain technology incorporating KYC the risk of money laundering and illegal funding of narcotics and terrorism are eliminated.”

The Family of Companies

Vostok Marketing Ltd plays a central role as the UK hub in a connected family of business'


Initiate, develop and manage tourism and residential projects within the Free Port of Vladivostok jurisdiction


Trading profits on hotels, property rentals and service management


Raise investment funds through shares and debentures Invest through equity & loans in projects of Vostok Projects & Yes! 2 Business Vostok

Hong Kong

Profits from investments in projects managed by Yes to Business LLC and Vostok Projcts LLC


Represents the Group in Russia and South Eeast Asia Consulting services through “ManFriday Russia”


Income derived from professional services, consultancy fees and trading profits generated in Russia